The Denova Foundation wants to end poverty in the De Nova district. De Nova is a community of about 500 people on the outskirts of the village of Rawsonville in South Africa. Denova Foundation is a sister organization of the Dutch founding organization Stichting Denova. One of the founders of this organization is the South African Jacobus Jooste who spent his childhood in De Nova, Rawsonville. The saying: It takes a village to raise a child, applies to him. His parents couldn’t take care of him but his extended family and other villagers made sure he had every day a plate of food and a roof over his head. Now being an adult Jacobus Jooste and his Dutch wife want to give back to the village by raising funding in The Netherlands to contribute to a better life of the villagers


Ending of poverty means that:

  • The residents have sufficient income for food, shelter, transport, education, medical expenses, and recreation.
  • The residents live in well-built houses with sanitary facilities with hot / cold water in the house, electricity, and internet.
  • In the village facilities are such as: good medical care, good schools, sports / music and art facilities, public transport, childcare and a training center.


Our work is durable and on a small scale. Our principles are:

  • The local population determines what is needed.
  • The financial support and assistance go directly to the resident(s) in need.

Core Values

Family / community


The Dutch foundation was founded in March 2020 and immediately started with emergency relief due to the Covid-19 crisis. It has distributed a total of 260 food and hygiene parcels in 2020.

The South African Foundation saw it’s light in December 2020.  By making the South African organization official many funding opportunities in The Netherlands as well in South Africa have opened up.

A needs assessment done in De Nova community tells us to continue focussing on food supply. Besides that the need of home and sanitary improvements is high.

Board Denova Foundation: Doreen, Gert, Elda